About these links: If you love the American roadside, these web sites, mostly non-commercial and enthusiast-run, are sure to interest you.

RoadsideFans does not participate in “link exchange” programs to increase the number of links – sometimes more is not better. None of these web sites are affiliated with RoadsideFans, and may in some places contain outdated or other inaccurate information which is beyond our control.
American Sign Museum A museum of the history of the sign industry, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.
America’s Landmark Rich Kummerlowe’s extensive photo documentation of the Howard Johnson’s chain.
Cinema Tour Photos and information about cinemas, past and present, from around the world.
Culinary Arts Museum News from the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales University (Richard J. S. Gutman, director)
Dead Malls A tribute to good shopping centers gone bad.
Diner Hotline Larry Cultrera’s news and views on diners, drive-ins, and other roadside stuff.
Diner Hunter Photos and information from Spencer Stewart’s roadside travels.
Hojoland Walter Mann’s tribute to the Howard Johnson’s restaurant chain.
John Baeder The web site of the artist whose paintings fueled a diner appreciation movement.
Kansas State Historical Society Comprehensive information on Valentine diners, made in Wichita, Kansas.
Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor The organization representing the Pennsylvania portion of the historic auto route.
Lincoln Highway News News regarding America’s first coast to coast highway, from Brian Butko.
NY Diners Mike Engle’s listings of upstate New York diners, with many excellent photographs.
Pleasant Family Shopping A look back at supermarkets and discount stores of the past.
Recent Past Preservation Network An organization devoted to preserving the architecture of the recent past.
Retro Roadmap Beth Lennon’s source for all the Retro, Vintage & Cool Old Places worth visiting
Roadside America An entertaining guide to offbeat roadside attractions nationwide.
Roadside Architecture Over 2,000 pages of photos & info about buildings, signs, statues & more from Debra Jane Seltzer.
Roadside Peek A treasure trove of images of roadside architecture from all across America.
SCA-Roadside The Society for Commercial Archeology, devoted to studying roadside architecture.
Vanishing Roadside Mary Anne Erickson is an avid road-tripper and artist whose work documents the vanishing American roadside.
Stuckey’s Relax, refresh, refuel! The official Stuckey’s web site has an interesting history section.
Zippy the Pinhead  Bill Griffith’s comic strip frequently uses actual diners as settings for Zippy and friends. Read today’s strip